Beach Towel Clip!

The Perfect Beach Towel Clip
Beach Chair Accessory  
Pool Accessory  *  Boat Accessory

Introducing the perfect beach towel clip known as the Slip Clip.  The new and exciting Slip Clip will make relaxing while laying in the sun at the beach, at the pool or on a boat more enjoyable. The Slip Clip is an easy and effective way to hold your towel onto your lounge chair.  The Slip Clip can also hold towel, clothes, beach bags and trash bags on to boats with ease without scratching or leaving any marks.   While on vacation the Slip Clip is a great way to reserve your lounge chair by the pool.  Just put your towel on the chair, slip the clip over your towel and now you have reserved seating.  Comfort at last!


How to Use

For Towels:
1. Open your beach chair and towel.
2. Place your towel over the beach chair so some of the towel is over the top of the chair.
Slip the "Slip Clip" over the top of the beach towel and push the Slip Clip over the towel and on to the frame of the chair until the clip has snapped on to the frame of the chair

For boats:
Lay a towel, clothes or what ever you want to dry or keep dry over the boat rail or windshield.
 2. Push the Slip Clip down over the towel/clothing on to the rail or windsheild. 

For beach and trash bags:
Feed the bag through the "U" portion of the Slip Clip.
2. Push the Slip Clip down onto any rail that you want. 
Now you have an accessible area for your waste and recycling. 

So Easy! Additional uses on our "About Us" page.    

Available in a variety of colors (red, white, and blue, green and yellow.) 

The Slip Clip fits most lounge chairs.

Patent Approved 
ASI # 91093
Made in the USA!



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